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Whistlers Mountain

Jasper Skytram Whistlers Mountain Hike
Whistlers Skytram is 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) south of Jasper, off the Icefields Parkway on Whistlers Road. Jasper's Skytram is seasonally operated, running from late March to the end of October.
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Jasper Skytram Whistlers Mountain Hike
From the upper Jasper tramway station, the hike to the Whistlers Summit is 1.4 kilometres, and is a 200-metre (660 ft) elevation gain to 2,463 metres (8,081 ft).
Whistlers Mountain Skytram



Scenic Whistlers Mountain

Jasper Skytram Whistlers Mountain Hike
Near Whistlers summit, the hiking trail is quite steep. Whistlers has an outstanding panorama above the skytram terminal. Mount Robson can be seen on a clear day, which is over 100km away.
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Bosnia and Herzegovina Skytrams

Jasper Whistlers Mountain SkyTram

Jasper Whistlers Mountain Skytram Tickets

Bosnia and Herzegovina Skytrams

    There is a two cable car routes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, both in the Sarajevo region..
  • Trebevićka žičara (Trebević cable car) is a cable car route in the City of Sarajevo. First established in 1959 connecting the city with the 1627m high mountain Trebević, it was destroyed at the start of Bosnian war in 1992 with the first victim of the Siege of Sarajevo being the guard of the hill station, Ramo Biber, who was killed on March 2, 1992 and in his honor nowadays the hill station carries his name as well as plaque is found inside of it. The cable car route was restored from ground up in 2017/2018 and opened once again for public use on 6 April 2018, the Day of the City of Sarajevo, more than a quarter of a century after it was destroyed. The reconstruction had a price tag of around 9 million €, including the cable car system, stations as well as work on the immediate surrounding of the stations and the route, with almost 3 million € being a donation of American-Dutch-Swiss physicist and businessman Edmund Offerman who is married to a Maja Offerman, a woman from Sarajevo with whom he visited the city in 1991 and took a ride in the cable car which left a big impact of him, promising to himself that he will do everything to get it going again after witnessing its destruction in 1992. The work on the cable car system was done by Italian company from South Tyrol, Leitner Ropeways. The valley station is on an elevation of 575m in the old part of Sarajevo, just minutes of walking away from Baščaršija and Vijećnica, while the hill station is on an elevation of 1150 m. Raising 575 m up, the hill station provides a panoramic view of the city in the valley below while in the same time enabling the people a trip to nature and the biggest park and forest located within the City boundaries. The cable car route is 2158 m long, resting on 10 steel pillars, takes 7 minutes and 15 seconds to complete (compared to 12–13 minutes before 1992), with a capacity of 1200 persons an hour in one direction and is composed of 33 cabins (capacity 10 persons and 750 kg) in anthracite colour except five of them which are coloured in red, blue, green, yellow and black i.e. the Olympic colours as Mount Trebević hosts the bob track which was used for the 1984 Winter Olympics. The regular price for one person above the age of 6 is €10 for a round trip and working times are from 09:00 till 18:00. Cable car on Ravna planina is a cable car system within the Ski Center Ravna planina, 25 km away from Sarajevo and 5 km from Pale and mountain Jahorina. It was opened on 25 December 2017 and consists of 19 blue cabins which are able to transport up to 2200 persons per hour. The valley station is on elevation of 900 m while the hill station is on 1350 m, length of the route is 1350 m. Price is €2.5 for a round trip. The final plan is to connect the Ski Center Ravna planina with the Ski Center on Jahorina which would extend the route of the cable car system to almost 6 km.

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Jasper Whistlers Mountain Skytram

A Few Minutes from Jasper, Alberta.

Whistlers Skytram
Whistlers Road
Jasper, Alberta. Canada T0E 1E0

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